Life at Mazars

C’est toujours un défi de faire les bons choix dans sa carrière. Trouver un environnement professionnel qui nous corresponde est souvent dû à un concours de circonstances mais aussi à une détermination sans faille de ne pas se trahir. C’est également savoir ce que l’on veut et parfois avoir le courage de se lancer dans l’inconnu. Envie de connaître les expériences vécues par des Mazariens ? Découvre-les dans les derniers épisodes de #MazarsLivedExperiences – une série qui te montre quel pourrait être ton chemin si tu choisis Mazars.

Découvre les #MazarsLivedExperiences

Experiences from Switzerland

Our teams in Switzerland are always chasing new experiences. Unafraid to step out of their comfort zone to meet new people, take on new challenges and even try new foods, they are shining examples of go-getters. Discover their stories below.

Experiences from Malaysia

Whether it’s lifelong learning or lifelong friendships, our teams in Malaysia are committed to bettering themselves and their circles. We continue to be inspired by the paths they forge, relationships they make and challenges they take on.

Experiences from Spain

When there's a will, there's a way, and our teams in Spain have shown just how unstoppable they are when they're determined. From overcoming newcomer challenges, to balancing parental duties with work and even building the foundations of a new project from the ground up, we have seen some incredibly impressive stories of resilience and growth.

Experiences from South Africa

At Mazars, there are endless opportunities to grow at our firm, and our teams in South Africa are living proof of this. From colleagues rising up from trainee to partner, to kick-starting their careers through our data school programme and beyond, there is always a path for everyone to develop, grow and succeed.

Experiences from the CEE region

At Mazars, we are innovators; and across the CEE region, our people have shown that the sky is the limit. From creative platforms to inclusive programmes, our teams are always finding new ways to improve, create and excel in their work.

Experiences from Italy

The people-centric approach at our firm shines through our conversations with our teams in Italy. From offering a great work-life balance to ensuring that colleagues have plenty of opportunity to explore new topics of interest and avenues of growth, everyone can find a path that is well-suited for them.

Experiences from Australia

No matter your level, whether you are just starting your career or already have a few years of experience under your belt, at Mazars in Australia you are given the tools to reach your goals: from international mobility, fast-paced progression to work-life balance.

Experiences from Nigeria

Our teams in Nigeria demonstrate that anything is possible. The autonomy and strong sense of responsibility which is given to each individual allows them to progress rapidly, design the career that mirrors their aspirations, and challenge themselves in new areas.

Experiences from Turkey

Speaking to our teams in Turkey, what stands out is the tight-knit support that enables each individual to thrive, achieve their potential and find their path. You're at the right place to learn more.

Experiences from Thailand

Innovation, life-long learning and rapid career progression are just some of the key words to describe life at Mazars in Thailand. Intrigued? Watch and read on to find out more.

Experiences from Canada

From great team collaboration to designing individualised career paths, learn directly from Mazarians in Canada about their very own lived experiences.